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In recent years, "made in China" has been increasingly recognized internationally and has become a new, more dynamic and growing force in international manufacturing. As the representative of the largest and highest level ceramic manufacturing industry in the world, China Jiantao has been developing towards "intelligent manufacturing in China"

looking back on the way osheno came, osheno has been focusing on ceramics for 20 years since 1998. Osheno has been promoting the transformation of "intelligent manufacturing" of Chinese building ceramics with the image of high-end tiles

after 20 years of development, Oushennuo ceramics has built nearly 3000 mu of modern ceramic production bases in Foshan, Jingdezhen and Guangxi, with an annual production capacity of nearly 100million square meters. We produce more than 800 kinds of ceramic tile products, including polished tiles, glazed tiles, antique tiles and so on. More than 2000 brand stores have covered more than 90% of the cities in the country. Long term strategic cooperation has been reached with Vanke, country garden, Evergrande and other world top 500 real estate enterprises. Excellent products are exported to North America, the Middle East, Australia and other places, and have participated in hundreds of international large-scale well-known projects and municipal projects, such as the Addison hotel in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Ukraine International Airport and so on

osheno won the 2017 country garden excellent supplier

osheno reached a strategic cooperation with incredibly home

since its birth, the blood of innovation has always flowed in osheno's body. Regardless of the passage of time and changes in the world, this persistence and persistence has won more than 500 honors for osheno in international, industry, technology and other fields. Each honor won not only reflects the high recognition of the brand strength of osheno by partners, all sectors of society and consumers, but also highlights the international corporate image of osheno, which is high-end, scientific, technological and humanistic

Nowadays, osheno has become a national high-tech enterprise, a key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program, a national outstanding enterprise in scientific and technological innovation, and the only osheno Ceramics Research Center under the "daily use and building ceramics research center" of the Ministry of science and technology. It is the first enterprise in the construction ceramics industry that has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and oshm18000 certifications at the same time, the only enterprise that also has a national post doctoral scientific research workstation, Guangdong engineering technology research and development center and Guangdong provincial enterprise technology center, the first construction ceramics testing laboratory in the industry that has passed CNAs certification, the only construction ceramics enterprise that was selected into the list of provincial innovative enterprises in 2017, the only winner of the first Century Golden ceramics award The national preferred product for government procurement of building materials, the excellent supplier of national affordable housing construction materials, the outstanding contribution award of China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Association, the preferred supplier brand of China's top 500 real estate development enterprises, the title of excellent supplier of Vanke, country garden and Evergrande, the title of "leading enterprise" of building materials in the country, the top ten influential brands in China's home furnishing industry, the top ten enterprises in China's light industrial ceramics industry Chinese (industry) consumers love brands and trust the top ten ceramic brands

after 20 years of development, osheno has become an outstanding representative of domestic high-end ceramic tiles. Therefore, joining osheno ceramics is the most powerful guarantee for investment in the industry. Osheno Guangdong Hainan regional investment conference will be held in Foshan Sanshui Golden Sun Hotel on November 22. Join Oushennuo ceramics, invest 500000, do tens of millions of businesses, and help the success of high-grade, high-value seven-star stores. Join hands with Oushennuo to win business and create brilliance




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