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Sofa can not only provide people with rest, but also add different decorative effects to the room. But now the sofa on the market is full of variety, so what brand of sofa is good? How to choose a sofa? Now let's share the top ten sofa brands and purchasing skills. If you need it, take a look

1. Which are the top ten sofa brands?

a. Quanyou home: as a large-scale enterprise in China, it is committed to providing users with green, healthy and environmental friendly household products, and has won the titles of China's famous brands

b home furnishing: a household brand with a large sofa production base in Asia. At present, it has become one of the top ten sofa brands

c, Royal: Hong Kong Royal furniture occupies a place in the top ten sofa brands, and it is also one of the most influential brands in the industry

d, red apple: it is a product of Shenzhen Tiancheng Furniture Co., Ltd. After several years of progress and development, it is now a famous trademark in Guangdong Province

e, sikexin: sikexin furniture is a brand of Jiangsu, and its products have won the unanimous recognition of the industry and consumers

f, Qumei QM: Qumei furniture is an enterprise integrating furniture production, sales and service. It is not only a well-known brand in China, but also in the top ten sofa brands

g, Daban: Daban furniture is a brand in Hong Kong. Its leather sofa is the most famous and occupies a good position in the top ten sofa brands

h, domination: Shenzhen domination Furniture Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional manufacturers in Asia and a famous trademark of Guangdong Province

i, Herui Jiapin KBH: Dongguan Herui is a large modern furniture company, which has attracted the favor of many consumers with excellent product quality

j. Iris: Iris Furniture Co., Ltd. has obtained the product certification of China environmental label, and its products are worthy of everyone's trust

2. Purchasing skills of sofa

first of all, you should try to buy any sofa yourself, so as to better grasp its softness and facilitate our choice. If you are too soft, you will not only have “ Sinking feeling ”, Sitting for a long time will harm our health, so we must not choose

secondly, in the choice of sofa, we should pay attention to the coordination of the two, so that the style of the living room and the whole home will be harmonious and unified. If you mix it up indiscriminately, it will not only show bad results, but also affect the mood of residents

Xiaobian conclusion: Well, I'll introduce you to the top ten sofa brands and sofa purchase skills. For more information about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our, thank you





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