Simple floor lamp, simple and elegant Nordic style

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Part a: adjustable metal floor lamp

simple double sofa, which is most suitable for small family living room in Nordic style. A metal floor lamp in the shape of a tripod is collocated between the sofa and the corner, which is not only modern and light, but also shows the meaning of fashion

four slender metal legs form the support part of the floor lamp. The middle position can adjust the height to make the light more suitable for the height of the sofa. The simple white lampshade can better cater to the Nordic style living room

part B: linear floor lamp

the reserved space at the corner of the combined sofa, and the placement of side tables or floor lamps can play a decorative space and increase the storage effect. Between the gray sofas, a white simple linear floor lamp is used to play a contrast effect and make the space more fashionable

the simple shape and color make this floor lamp represent the minimalist feeling of Nordic style. A single solid color of black or white will not dominate, affect the style matching of the living room, and can be better integrated into the style of the living room

part C: column floor lamp

square column floor lamp contains the simplicity and elegance of harmony, especially in log style homes, giving people a sense of elegance and atmosphere, and at the same time, it conforms to the natural and simple beauty of Nordic style

the white pure cotton lampshade and the simple column floor lamp are particularly fresh and natural in the living room. When matched with the living room decorated with strong solid wood veneers, they appear capable and stable, which is very in line with the preferences of business men

part D: pleated lampshade floor lamp

just like the pleated skirt style white lampshade floor lamp, giving people a classic traditional feeling. The white cotton lampshade gives people a fresh and fashionable feeling, which is easy to integrate with the Nordic style living room

the fishing rod shaped black iron lamp post gives people a concise and fashionable aesthetic feeling. Fishing with attractive white pleated lampshade, the warm light is soft, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling




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